I set out to make the most complete guide yet on securing your account and listing the resources needed.


We were all newbies to crypto once.

We make a lot of dumb mistakes in crypto. New people make more than experienced traders and HODLers, but dumb mistakes are by no means limited to n00bs. I have been lucky, and my own early blunders consisted of two transactions between which I paid a total of about $42 in fees that I didn’t have to pay, had I been more careful, and understood fees better.

Here I will cover the various fee types, and include some general advice on minimizing loss to fees. This is largely targeted at new crypto users, because I see a lot of posts that indicate newcomers lose money due to an incomplete (or non-existent) understanding of fees. …

Do you want free crypto? Well you’ve come to the right thread, here i’ve compiled a list of every legitimate source I could find that will net you quick gains in your crypto wallet.

Coinbase Earn:

Learn & Earn

Requirements: Verified Account

Earn crypto while learning about crypto. Discover how…

Crash Canary

Car enthusiast #audi. Bought my first Crypto #Eth #Ada Writer/Blogger

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